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Portal Camp Step-by-Step Process

For those college softball coaches who are considering attending the July 13, 2020 Portal Showcase in Atlanta, Georgia:

·       Showcase registration for Student Athletes is now open.

·       College Coaches registration to attend this camp will be open until June 15, 2020 with no fee. College Coaches who register to attend this camp after June 15, 2020 will be charged a $25 administrative fee.  

·       On June 22, 2020, we will post online a list of all pre-registered schools/coaches attending.

·       Camper information will be provided only to registered college coaches on July 10th. The provision of camper information is not guaranteed for those college coaches who register after June 15, 2020 (as supplies last).

·       Only paid staff will be on the fields coaching and instructing at the event.  Our staff will consist of NAIA, JUCO, High School, Travel Ball Coaches and Private Instructors. No NCAA coaches will be working this event.

·       We will not communicate with any outside entity regarding who is attending the camp (including but not limited to: Media, College Coaches, Travel Ball Coaches, High School Coaches, Private Instructors, Parents). 

·       All attendees will have to provide to us their NCAA transfer letter, ID and will sign an affirmation agreement upon registration and onsite the day of to ensure that they are active in the NCAA Transfer Portal or are currently a NAIA or JUCO player. Any student-athlete who does not provide this information and sign the affirmation may not be allowed to attend the camp.

·       All pre-registered coaches will be notified by 11:30 am on July 13th that all attendees have been checked-in and cleared to attend the event.