Diamond Direction Events


 Why are you hosting this camp?

Diamond Direction is excited to provide an opportunity for those student-athletes who have made the decision to enter the NCAA Portal to play and demonstrate their skills AND to provide an opportunity for college coaches to evaluate these players first-hand.


Diamond Direction is not encouraging any student-athlete to leave her institution and enter the NCAA Portal. That decision has been made. We are seeking to give these student-athletes a “second chance” to be seen so that they may continue to play the game.

 Why will there not be any NCAA DI, DII or DIII Coaches on the field working the camp?

This event is open only to softball athletes who are on the NCAA Portal as well as NAIA Players and JUCO players.  With the event being specific to these athletes, it is not “open to any and all” student-athletes and that raises NCAA camp and clinic requirements. Per the 2020 NCAA Division I Recruiting Calendar, June 14 falls in a Contact Period and as such, evaluating at an event is permissible.


 How do I know that all attendees are on the NCAA Transfer Portal?

We will require all attendees provide their NCAA Transfer Letter, ID and Transcript during the registration process.  Additionally, on the day of the camp, each student-athlete will sign a certification that affirms they are registered in the NCAA Portal.

Diamond Direction will not conduct any NCAA Portal searches and does not certify the eligibility of any camp attendee.

 Why will Diamond Direction not distribute the attendees prior to July 10, 2020?

In an effort to be thorough in our preparation for the event, we will provide the list of participants on July 10th. Priority will be given to those coaches who register by June 15, 2020.

 Why is Diamond Direction charging coaches for the material after June 15th?

We are charging a small service/admin fee to cover our cost of printing.  This fee is intended to offset our time and printing cost.

 Is it permissible for DI, DII, DII coaches to attend this event to evaluate?

Based on our communications from many NCAA Compliance offices, it is permissible for DI, DII and DII coaches attend to evaluate only. 
We always encourage you to check with your own compliance office.