Diamond Direction Events




“The camps hosted by Diamond Direction Softball are top notch and provide players the platform to perform in front of college coaches of all levels.  I would recommend the Diamond Direction Softball Camps to all perspective college athletes.”

-Gary Simpson, President/Director Bandits NC Fastpitch


“My daughter attended many camps around the southeast, but none were better than Diamond Direction.  The instruction was top level and the exposure to college coaches was fantastic.”

-Father of a Division I Student-Athlete


“My daughter participated in the Diamond Direction camp in November 2018 and we were really impressed by the number of coaches from top collegiate programs in attendance.  The camp was run extremely smoothly and there was ample opportunity for student athletes to receive direct instruction from the attending collegiate coaches and hear insight on what they’re looking for in student athletes for recruitment.  The coaches shared their thoughts on work ethic, time management, and the importance of maintaining good grades in the classroom.  After the individual position camp on Saturday, there were games on Sunday where the coaches would break up into groups, observe, and continuously rotate from field to field (4 fields total) on a timed basis.  The student athletes had a great opportunity to demonstrate their skills in live game settings.  It was an excellent camp that we felt was well worth the trip all the way from New Jersey!  We will be back again.”

-Mother of a camper, New Jersey


“I highly recommend Diamond Direction Camps for any softball player pursuing the opportunity to play in college.  My daughter has attended 2 Diamond Direction camps.  She was able to interact and receive instruction from current college players and college coaches from D1, D2, and D3 programs.  She really enjoyed the afternoon games coached by the college players so the college coaches could watch and evaluate players.  She continued to communicate with coaches she met at camp and subsequently has committed to play for a D1 program she worked with at Diamond Direction. Great experience!”

-Mother of a camper, West Virginia


“Diamond Direction is different from other camps. The camp was really well organized and had coaches and college players from all levels. I really enjoyed having fun while being able to showcase my skills to coaches. Also, I found that it was very beneficial to talk to the college players helping during camp to get tips and pointers for softball and college life.”

-Camper, June 2018 and August 2018


"As a parent I have traveled and put a lot of money into camps for Chloe. Diamond Direction softball camp is by far the best camp that Chloe has attended.  The Diamond direction camp has the best collegiate softball coaches and player coach ratio is unbelievable. Chloe got a lot of hands on direct instruction from some of the best college coaches in softball. The camp was well organized, players were always moving and there were always 5 or more college coaches on each field. As well, the players that attended the camp were the best of the best. Chloe left the camp excited about the coaches comment and coaches contacts she was able to make at the camp.  Chloe has committed to softball for a Division I program as a result of attended these camps.”

-Mother of a camper


“I love working the Diamond Direction camps! The experience and interaction that you get from 25 plus college coaches is unbeatable! Campers are challenged both physically and cognitively through drills that are both innovative and unique. Not only are campers learning softball, they are learning affective skills, as well. We encourage campers to socialize and grow from others, by communicating with other campers and coaches. The Diamond Direction camps are fun, safe, and have a positive learning environment! I can’t wait to work more camps in the future.”

-Division I Assistant Coach


“As a Division I student athlete, I wish Diamond Direction Camps were around when I was in the recruiting process.  I have been to no other camp that gives campers the ability to showcase themselves to so many college coaches at one time.  If your camper is looking to meet coaches or get in front of specific coaches again, Diamond Direction Softball Camps are where you want to be.  Through drill work, one on one feedback, and live game play, campers have the chance to show their personal brand of softball while getting better.”

-Division I Student Athlete


“Diamond Direction camps are one of the best avenues in the Southeast in providing instruction and exposure to college coaches of all levels. The college coaches are truly engaged in the instruction, and any showcase games at all times, which is a key differentiator from other camps our players have attended in the past. Many of our players have received great feedback from the DD camps, received invites to camps and visits, and overall have found the experience to be well worth the time and cost. I recommend the DD camps to our athletes, and would do the same for any perspective college athlete from any organization!”

-Dave Maddaluna, Director - Carolina Elite